About Us

We have a vast experience of low carbon, low energy buildings and offsite construction techniques, renewable energy solutions, distribution channels and performance specifications. Together with our Environmentally friendly Diesel Biofuels and Woody Biomass businesses we are helping shape the circular economy.

Our biomass experience under our Wood Energy Experts brand has gained us an enviable position of authority, extending our knowledge and ability to our direct and indirect customer base as well as with mechanical & electrical specifiers and industry influencers. 

Knowledge is the result of hands on experience.

We pride ourselves on staff retention and a number of our employees have been with our businesses from the very inception in 2001. The knowledge gained through complex problem solving has placed us at the forefront of renewable energy system design. We are proud of our abilities and we openly share our knowledge and experience with our industry colleagues and associates.

Our Exclusive Partnerships with Waterkotte GmbH high-performance heat pumps & Binder biomass boilers is fundamental to our business model. Their superior high-performance products, ongoing support, constant drive for product excellence and improvements, delivered by us to our customers and Installer partners, is what sets us apart.

We are an engineering-led organisation with significant experience of designing, installing, commissioning and maintaining large and complex biomass systems across practically every industry. This has equipped us with the ability to understand client requirements in detail and therefore ensure that you have the right technology and that every consideration is made in ensuring that your system is as efficient and as robust as possible.

Our in-house installation team has delivered over 240,000kW of medium and large-sized projects across the UK. We also work with a network of carefully selected Registered Installation Partners who, as well as having existing experience, have also completed our own specialist training courses and have access to our technical support. This means that you can be confident of a biomass solution that meets your needs and utilises high-quality, highly-efficient technology across boilers, feed systems and fuel storage solutions. Smaller projects are installed by our National Registered Installation Network, trained by us, ensuring consistent skill levels on a National basis provided by Local contractors with local knowledge.

The solutions we offer are tailored for each client and suitable for both new construction projects and replacement of existing boilers. Whether you require biomass as part of a larger M&E project, a single boiler for personal or commercial use to fitted in cascade with an existing heating system, or multiple boilers with new heat distribution technology, we can design and install a whole solution that will meet your needs. We also offer a modular, pre-packaged (Green Heat Module) biomass boiler and storage solutions as an option for clients who don’t have the internal space for a biomass boiler and storage, or who want a solution with minimum business and/or building interruption.