Transfer of our boiler servicing to AMP Clean Energy.

After a recent business review, Wood Energy has decided to focus in future on our Biomass Projects, Hargassner boiler sales and wood fuel / biofuel businesses and as a result, from 24th June we intend to withdraw from the servicing of all Biomass boilers with the exception of a few ‘key’ specialist sites.

We are delighted to have reached an agreement with AMP Clean Energy Group (, to be our preferred proposed replacement S&M supplier.

AMP Clean Energy are one of the largest Biomass servicing, fuel supply and projects businesses in the UK with over 30 experienced Biomass Field Service Engineers located across the country, looking after over 900 biomass boilers.

AMP Clean Energy have also purchased the Wood Energy Binder and Hargassner parts stock, and therefore have a large stock of parts readily at their disposal. AMP Clean Energy have a number of Binder and Hargassner boilers already under service contract, and have a good number of engineers (some of whom who are ex Wood Energy) who are very familiar with these (and other) biomass manufacturers.

We expect that all customers will receive if anything an enhanced level of service from them.

Customers will be contacted over the next few days by a member of AMP Clean Energy’s team for them to explain their servicing offer to you with a view that they be the billing party for renewals and additional requirements you may have to support your installation.

If you prefer not to be contacted, please let us know by email.