Heat Pump Consultancy

The information below outlines the Waterkotte standard process related to commercial heat pump heating systems.

If your installation is being managed by one of our Registered Installation Partners, please check with them for specific details about their own process.

1. We make an initial survey of your site

One of our experts will visit you to discuss your needs and to survey the site and system requirements.

They will make a heat pump system recommendation and talk you through the different system components. They will also provide you with an indication of price and explain the Renewable Heat Incentive in detail.

2. We send you a proposal

After the initial survey, we will send you a full proposal which confirms the system agreed and related costs.

It will also set out our terms and conditions and required payment schedule.

Once you are happy with the proposal, we require a signature and small deposit so we can order your system.

3. We agree on project timescales with you

We will confirm the final deliveries and timescales.

These will be planned with the utmost consideration for your circumstances in order to minimize any interruption or inconvenience while ensuring that the installation is as seamless as possible.

4. We develop your project to full design

Our engineers will prepare a full design specification of your system with a full breakdown of the component requirement.

Their final designs will be presented to you so that you are fully aware of the installation plan.

If additional documents are required by local planning, building control etc, we may ask for a further deposit in advance to cover our costs.

5. We install and commission your system

We begin any preparatory, building or installation works on site as soon as is practical.

We install the equipment and any required piping and electrical and water connections. We then flush and fill the system, and commence the commissioning of the entire heating loop.

6. We ensure you are satisfied and in control

Our heat pump technology is sophisticated and is fully automated and easy to use. However, it is important that you understand how to operate it for maximum efficiency and longevity.

Before we hand the system over to you, we ensure that you are confident in operating it and taking meter readings so that it will provide you with a long and reliable service, an optimised return on investment and, most importantly, that it is safe.

7. We support you with gaining RHI accreditation

Once your boiler is commissioned, we support you through the RHI accreditation process. We ensure that you are fully versed in the process of taking and sending meter readings to Ofgem, in order to receive your Renewable Heat Incentive payments.

8. Warranty, service and maintenance Our highly skilled engineers are on call nationwide for routine servicing and unplanned outages

As with all complex equipment, your heating system will need to be maintained in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Regular servicing is also essential to validate the warranty and, for RHI projects, ensure maximum efficiency and longevity to deliver the maximum return on investment.