Boiler Service & Maintenance Packages

No other biomass boiler manufacturer or supplier is able to offer up to 20 year all inclusive warranties if incorporated within one of our Packaged Modular Plant Rooms (Green Heat Modules – GHMs) and/or if we have Designed, Supplied and Installed the entire system.

20-year warranty

  • All inclusive if incorporated within a GHM (Green Heat Module) Packaged Modular Plant Room.
  • All components must be Designed, Specified and Installed by Wood Energy Ltd
  • Includes all boiler components as well as internal plant room components including; AT, pumps, valves, motors, PHE.
  • The GHM Plant Room Module has a 40-year paint warranty (30-year coastal) as well as a 25-year structural and thermal integrity performance warranty.
  • Ongoing Service & Maintenance Contract Required.

Our Standard warranty is 3-years for Binder machines on boiler body and 3-years electrical components. Extended warranties can be purchased as below.

10-year warranty

  • For all chip, or pellet boilers up to 330kW.
  • Service & Maintenance Contract Required.
  • One-off payment required.

7-year warranty

  • For all chip or pellet boilers up to 330kW.
  • Service & Maintenance Contract Required.
  • One-off payment required.

With the exception of our standard 3 year Binder Boiler warranty, all 5yr, 7yr, 10yr and 20yr warranties must be specified and agreed at the time of boiler order and a ‘Service & Maintenance Contract’ must be entered into with Wood Energy Ltd.

All machines / installations incorporating a 20 year warranty will be serviced and maintained directly and exclusively by Wood Energy Ltd.

All other servicing and maintenance operations will be carried out by AMP Plc or one of our Registered Installers who have completed  the Binder Module 3 Service & Maintenance Training Course. All extended warranties above 3 years must be serviced and maintained in-accordance with the above information to be valid.

Contact our Sales or Operations Dept’s for further details about our offers, details of AMP Plc or of our National Registered Installer Network.