Boiler Buy Back Scheme

Get cash back for your biomass boiler

A biomass boiler is a great asset for any business, but the ongoing maintenance they require can be time-consuming to manage in-house.

Our boiler buyback service has been designed to enable you to continue to see the benefits of a biomass boiler, without the burden. We’ll provide you with an upfront cash payment for your boiler and arrange the ongoing maintenance and operation of your boiler, so you can concentrate on running your business.

What size and make of boiler will you Buy Back?

It doesn’t really matter too much about the size or brand of machine. The expected run hours, the age of the machine and the tariff it is accredited for is what really makes the difference, as well as how much heat you are currently using.

How much could your business get for your biomass boiler?

It might be more than you think! We will undertake a condition survey and calculate a fair and reasonable price based upon a number of factors.

Contact us for an exact quote.

The benefits without the burden

Here’s how it works…

Get a cash lump sum back for your existing boiler

We’ll arrange for an upfront cash payment for your biomass boiler, at which point the funder takes ownership of the boiler. As they now own the boiler, they will take full responsibility for its smooth operation, and you’ll never have to submit another RHI notification or wait for payment again.

Hand over the responsibility

The funder and their team of clerical and site engineers will take the operational burden off your hands, taking full responsibility for ensuring the boiler is always running smoothly and efficiently.

Secure fixed price energy

By making a long-term energy agreement, you can secure fixed price, low cost energy for your business.

Receive a regular timely supply of fuel

With remote monitoring solutions, your fuel levels can be monitored and automatically ordered when more is needed.