Renewable Heat Incentive is Ending – Don’t miss the Boat

The Renewable Heat Incentive scheme ends on 31st March 2021 for new customers.

485 days to go (at time of writing on 2nd Dec 2019)

The Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme has been hugely successful in driving businesses and home owners to invest in renewable heating technologies. Savings (and earnings from the RHI payments) have been substantial for some, particularly so for customers who took the plunge early on when the scheme was first launched. However, periodically the payments have been reducing (known as degression) – but again, only for newcomers. And it seems that this regular degression is the main reason why potential new adopters haven’t gone ahead with an installation of their own. They think they have ‘missed the RHI boat’. But think again…

The RHI scheme can financially radically reform a high energy using business. More so if the existing fuel is LPG or heating oil. And better still, once you’re on the RHI scheme the payments increase each year with inflation.

As an example, a business currently using heating oil or LPG together with a need for heat of 3MW for just under 1/3rd of the year can massively benefit to the tune of £8M over the next 20 years. At the opposite end of the scale, a very modest simple 99kW machine could still generate savings and earnings of £276,000 over the same time-period.

Time is running out.

A large installation requiring complex design, perhaps linked to a combined heat and power unit, a grid connection and maybe with civils and buildings can take a good year to fully deploy. So don’t miss out.

Do you still think you’ve missed the Boat?

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