Waterkotte Air-Source Heat Pump

4kW to 14kW
4kW to 14kW Waterkotte Air-Source Heat Pump

Space heating, domestic hot water, space cooling.

We are fortunate enough to have the sole distribution rights of one of the world leaders in renewable technologies in the heat pump division. Waterkotte are pioneers of renewable technology for over 45 years, focusing on sustainable and renewable heat sources. With some of the original systems installed over 40 years ago still generating renewable heat today.

The cleanest and most economical energy is obtained through heat, which is naturally occurring and generated through the ground, air and groundwater. The heat is extracted from the atmosphere and ground is converted to a suitable heating temperature via very small amounts of electricity. Approximately 20% of the energy physically obtained. This means 80% of the thermal energy obtained is completely free of charge, and solely generated from nature.

Our heat pumps emit next to no noise and are totally water and weather resistant.

Unaffected by outside air temperature, the air and the ground heat pumps will work to temperatures of around -15 degrees. Due to the inverter and split design technology of every one of the waterkotte products it allows for complete control of the system’s output.

The “Inverter-technology” is the key innovation for the development and realization of fail-safe and efficient air heat pumps.

The technical challenge is not to be underestimated: it results from the natural change of temperature of the “heat source” air around 30 degrees, sometimes even around up to over 40 degrees, and moving in opposite directions rising the heat requirement of 0 to 100 % of the object which can be heated.