Hargassner Wood Pellet Boilers

6kW to 330kW
6kW to 330kW Hargassner Wood Pellet Boilers

Speed controlled EC exhaust fan with negative pressure monitoring, Hargassner use at the ECO-PK the energy efficient EC-exhaust fans. The main advantage of this GreenTech EC-technology is the significantly higher efficiency rate of up to 90%. This saves energy and also electricity costs. The negative-pressure unit constantly measures the pressure conditions in the combustion chamber. The Lambda-Touchtronic uses this data to control the speed of the draught fan, thus keeping the negative pressure at an ideal level. This concept ensures combustion with minimal exhaust gas temperatures and therefore maximum efficiency. Also includes:

  • Highest Efficiency – tested and certified!
  • Pellets Low-temperature boiler: Down to 38°C
    (Range: 38 to 80°C, HSV 9-22 kW).
  • Fully factory-lined combustion chamber for high-temperature combustion.
  • Lambda Sensor with fuel-quality detection.
  • Automatic ash level indication.
  • Best ease of use through the SMS module.
  • Superb Factory-Service for Hargassner customers.
  • 5 yr standard warranty – extendable up to 10yrs.

Wood Pellets are made up of recycled sawdust and wood off-cuts, making them a great choice for reducing your carbon footprint.

Pellets are made from 100% natural clean wood-waste without any additives. Tonnes of wood waste materials (shavings, dust, off-cuts) are produced every day in wood-processing industries all over the UK and Europe and its these otherwise wasted materials that go in to manufacturing wood pellets.

The advantages for homeowners and industrial companies are numerous:

  • Typically lower costs than oil or gas.
  • World Crisis-resistant, because of locally sourced fuel.
  • Short transportation. Usually produced locally.
  • Easy re-fuelling through blown pellet deliveries or bagged.
  • Low dust levels and odourless.
  • Only requires small storage volumes.
  • Extremely effective and energy-efficient heating system.

Therefore, pellets are an outstanding fuel for heating systems compared to fossil fuels and electricity.