Hargassner Wood Log Boilers

20kW to 110kW (1/2m and 1m log length versions available)
20kW to 110kW Hargassner Wood Log Boilers (1/2m and 1m log length versions)

Hargassner stands for pioneering spirit and vast experience. Excellent design and high quality construction provide the foundation for a practical and peak performance boiler, resulting in high customer satisfaction and a long boiler lifetime. In order to use the energy obtained to its full potential, we use turbulators to force the heated air into an elongated spiral flow path as near as possible to the heat exchanger. The return temperature is kept high through a fully insulated, directly mounted back end protection device.

It doesn’t matter which fuel type you have stored – softwood or hardwood logs, briquettes etc – the control unit uses the Lambda sensor to detect the relevant calorific value. Your system is always working to produce the required heat output at optimum combustion values. This is the latest way to control your boiler – constant manual adjustment of the system to the fuel is a thing of the past.

Depending on the heat demand, the “Lambda-Touch-Tronic“ controls the speed of the induced draught fan. This ensures optimum combustion with low flue gas temperatures and the highest efficiency. The connection of the flue pipe to the chimney can exit vertically or horizontally. The boiler is encased in a highly-effective “Overall-Insulation“.

On the new gasification boiler as well as the outside frame and combustion doors being insulated, the boiler base and special design elements are now also insulated.

Wood Log – the environmentally-friendly and CO2 neutral local fuel

To produce wood logs, only wood from domestic forests is needed. Latest wood processing machinery provides a simple and cost-effective production. The large filling door (500 x 320mm) enables the convenient refilling of the large log-filling
volume (380 litres). Log lengths up to 1050mm can be inserted. During active refill, when the boiler is running, an overhead smoulder gas vent sucks the flue gas back into the flue pipe. Clean and efficient!

Main advantages of wood logs:

  • Lower costs than oil or gas.
  • Crises-resistant due to being locally-sourced.
  • Short transportation.
  • Convenient, because of long refuelling intervals using accumulator tanks.