Green Heat Module

Containerised Green Heat Module

Where customers don’t have the internal space available for a biomass heating boiler and fuel store, we offer a fully containerised solution which houses both of these in a single unit.

The Green Heat Module arrives at your site on the back of a lorry, fully-fitted out, and is linked to your distribution system via a single flow and return connection. Low Loss Headers can be introduced within the Module for multiple hydraulic ‘hook ups’.

The main benefits of this approach are faster installation and reduced business interruption. In addition, where a business may potentially move premises, it is possible to also move the container while still claiming the Renewable Heat Incentive at the same rate as when it was first commissioned.

Modular biomass Packaged Plant Rooms incorporating single or multiple biomass boilers, integral fuel stores and even fossil fuel back up if required.

The Green Heat Module is secure, providing excellent protection against theft and vandalism. There are also a number of aesthetic options to allow them to blend into your environment. They can be pre-painted in a range of colours, clad in various materials or vinyl wrapped with imagery of your choice. Total Warranty, Total Peace of Mind – for the Life of the RHI

The main concerns from a number of clients relate to the certainty of the RHI payments and boiler longevity. The RHI payments are linked to the boiler serial number. If the boiler breaks down and is irreparable, then the on-going RHI payments are lost. This can be catastrophic if the boiler failure occurs early on in the life of the boiler and even worse still if the boiler is outside of the warranty period – which is normally less than 5 years.

If a re-submission of RHI is required it is likely that it will be at the new, and much-reduced rates. This is because RHI payments are set to decrease (for newcomers to the scheme) at regular intervals.

Wood Energy Ltd understands that these risks are significant, and for some clients, unacceptable. Therefore, Wood Energy Ltd provides a Total Warranty for our Green Heat Module containerised solutions.