Combined Heat & Power

Generate your own heat and power from wood fuel: save, earn and reduce your carbon footprint.

Wood Energy in partnership with Binder GmbH have developed a range of CHP systems using either ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology or Screw Expanders, utilising steam or high temperature hot water or thermal oil, all of which have the following advantages:

  • High Return on Investment
  • High efficiency turbo electrical generator producing up to circa 18% electrical output (using thermal oil systems)
  • Safe environmentally friendly working fluid
  • Simple operating procedure
  • Automatic and continuous operation
  • Simple maintenance procedure
  • No operator attendance required (except steam boilers)
  • Long Plant Life ( 20 years +) complete with 20year guarantees
  • No specialist water treatment required
  • Operates using standard fuels to EN41961

Businesses are continually searching for technologies to help them improve efficiencies, save money, or even earn money.

Over the past few years, the biomass industry has grown significantly. The commercial sector has embraced this technology and has already received billions of pounds through incentives.

Combined Heat & Power. Produces electricity and heat energy from one system.

Types of CHP

There are three main large scale Biomass CHP options offered by Wood Energy Ltd – each depending on the applications and individual site requirements. There are variants on the options listed below, and these can be incorporated once specific and detailed information has been determined.

  • Steam boiler with screw expander up to 500kWe
  • Hot air boiler with ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) up to 250kWe
  • Thermal oil boiler with ORC up to 1MWe
  • Steam boiler with steam turbine up to 1MWe

Screw expanders have an approximate efficiency of c.6% using steam up to 30 bar and up to c.18% for applications incorporating ORC with thermal oil boilers.