Biomass for Plant Raisers and Growers

Improving yield and profits through intelligent farming

Biomass boiler system work similarly to conventional gas, oil or LPG system. Water is heated via an integral heat exchanger and delivers the heated water through pipes to either unit heaters (warm air blowers) or via floor pipes running between crops or around the perimeter.

The water temperature can be adjusted to suit the crop from as low as around 40degs C to upwards of 150 degs C. Electricity can also be generated by coupling the system with a ORC (Organic Rankin Cycle) or Screw Expander and the power generated can be used on site or simply fed back to the grid to receive further Government payments.

Horticultural and agricultural sectors stand at the forefront, accounting for nearly 33 per cent of the total Renewable Heat Incentive uptake so far.