Binder BioMatic – under 500kW

250kW to 500kW
250kW to 500kW Binder BioMatic

The Binder BioMatic is one of the most compact biomass systems available on the market with the smallest carry in size, and a compact, modular design (combustion chamber module and heat exchanger module). In most cases, the system can be brought in to existing oil or gas plant rooms.

Optimum Combustion

Due to the installed lambda probe, which continuously monitors the exhaust values and reacts to different fuel qualities, it is possible to always obtain perfect combustion and the lowest emission values. The lambda probe corrects the necessary fuel quantity and secondary air, thereby guaranteeing the cleanest combustion, for partial load operation too. The result is low fuel consumption and the lowest possible emission values even when fuel quality varies

Forward-looking and energy-efficient Biomass heating.

Automatic Cleaning

The surfaces of the standing pipe heat exchanger are automatically cleaned during boiler operation. This is carried out using integrated turbulators, a mechanism which guarantees a continued high level of efficiency between services by minimising heat loss to the exhaust. Ash and clinker build-up on the combustion grate is automatically removed by a vibrating plate. Ash thus generated in the base of the combustion chamber and heat exchanger modules are automatically conveyed to external ash boxes via independent augers.

Health & Safety Measures

  • Burn back protection device: falling chute and burn back flap driven by a sprung
    return motor prevents reverse air flow – a primary cause of burn back.
  • Burn back inhibiting device: two thermal monitoring points on the stoker screw
    trigger a sprinkler system if stoker temperatures continue to rise.
  • Electronically controlled stoker screw is automatically activated if the
    temperature increases.