Binder Biomass Boiler – 500kW to 10MW

100kW to 10MW
100kW to 10MW Binder Biomass Boiler

Binder offers boilers with a nominal capacity from 100 kW to produce low temperature, and high temperature hot water. Saturated steam is also available up to a working pressure of 36 bar G as a standard. With the HV system, the cleaned flue gases (after passing the cyclone separator) are blown back into the heat exchanger through a non-return flap at high speeds to clean the heat exchanger tubes. The flue gas recirculation system is particularly recommended for fuels with either high calorific value, low ash fusion point, or high nitrogen content. Standard compressed air cleaning systems are also available.

With thousands of units installed from all over the world, from Canada to Japan and from New Zealand to the UK, BINDER GmbH is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of heavy weight, commercial and industrial biomass boilers in the world.

High Overall Efficiency Across the Output Range

  • Binder boilers achieve efficiency ratings of over 92 percent1 with woodchips.
  • The CVP control package gives fully modulating capacity control from 25 % to 100 %.
  • Speed-control on all fans minimises the electric power consumption.
  • The Lambda O2 regulation improves efficiency and brings out the most of your fuel.
  • High-quality engineering with minimum maintenance required provides for high availability.

Lambda O2 Regulation

This sensor system uses the exhaust O2 level as an efficient indicator for complete combustion and ensures optimum combustion at all times. It reacts to deviations from the average by automatically adjusting the air intake and/or fuel supply. It also provides for stable combustion without emission peaks even where fuel quality varies.

Clean Emissions

Binder boilers are ‘carbon-neutral’ systems with low pollution levels for NOx, CO and particulates well within the limits. Even when waste wood materials are used as a fuel. As a result, Binder boilers are approved for smoke control areas under the Clean Air Act, and can easily pass any EA, or SWIP Permitting Requirements in the UK. This mainly due to:

  • Low-NOx design.
  • A superb combustion zone design, allowing sufficient residence time to minimise unburnt gases.
  • Lambda O2 regulation to optimise the combustion on varying fuel quality.
  • Excellent exhaust gas cleaning, using mono/multi cyclones, electrostatic or baghouse filters.
  • Top quality CEMs controls and Urhea and Lime abatement injection systems