Fully-Funded Biomass Boilers from Wood Energy

Having a reliable, affordable source of heating is absolutely essential for schools, hospitals and businesses up and down the country. However, for many, the upfront cost of a replacement heating system and boiler is simply not affordable, and so expensive fuel bills and maintenance costs continue to eat into budgets or profitability.

Leading biomass boiler supplier Wood Energy Ltd has a solution to this problem through Energy Supply Contracts (ESCOs), which offer brand new boilers, fully funded and fully maintained for 20 years.

The ESCO schemes are particularly suited to high energy users, such as hotels, care homes, colleges, agriculture, housing association district heating schemes and business parks. Anybody on oil or LPG using over 450k kilowatt hours of heating energy per annum will make significant savings.

We have established relationships with a number of ESCO providers, and is a preferred supplier of biomass boiler systems, together with full service and maintenance packages.

The scheme offers the opportunity to tap into a large number of benefits, from reduced heating bills and maintenance costs to a secure, clean energy supply with long term pricing stability, all with no upfront capital costs.

Even where a biomass boiler has already been installed, it is still possible to be eligible for the scheme with a complete replacement boiler and potential one-off payment, provided the boiler was installed before 15th July 2009.