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Trailblazer In Heat Pump Technology
Heat Pump Technology

Waterkotte has industry leading expertise in design and installation, through to the operation and maintenance of our products. We work alongside Europe’s most prominent renewable technology manufacturers. Our reputation for delivery is justified by best-in-class expertise demonstrated through hundreds of successful installations. We know there is no room for failure. When it comes to heating, we understand that the ability to deliver highly reliable installations is critical. It’s critical to us, and it’s critical to you. Our ambition is to deliver a high quality and effective system, every time.

In 1969 Klemens Waterkotte was the first to develop and install a heat pump in Germany. He was, therefore, a pioneer and trailblazer for new technology. To make his ground-breaking invention useful for others he founded a company that bears his name today. Klemens Waterkotte was always looking for the best technical solution and the most efficient system.

Waterkotte heat pumps should meet the highest quality standards. These basic principles apply just as much today as back then.

Heat pumps allow you to harness heat, which exists in the ground, water or atmosphere, and convert it to heating and cooling processes, without the need for oil and gas

Space heating, domestic hot water, space cooling. We are fortunate enough to have the sole distribution rights of one of the world leaders in renewable technologies in the heat pump division. Waterkotte are pioneers of...

Saving energy and being independent; what was for a long time was wishful thinking, is now a reality. With a heat pump, you make free yourself of the changes in gas and oil prices. In...

The company founder Klemens Oskar Waterkotte is the man who in the 1970s invented and established the heat-pump heating