Hargassner UK Ltd

A Premium Brand with a State-of-the-art Boiler Range
Dedicated to Biomass

Boilers, Spare Parts and Components.

Hargassner is the premium brand in biomass, dedicated to supplying top of the range boilers across the UK and Ireland. We have been dedicated to biomass since 2001 and we only provide the highest quaity Austrian built biomass. As a result, our in-house experts are highly experienced specialists with a comprehensive understanding of the technology.

Lowest emissions by highest efficiency, maximum comfort and long lifetime durability characterise the brand HARGASSNER. Yet, we do not hesitate to scrutinise proven elements of our products to launch better products tomorrow. The emphasis on research and quality management is our modern understanding of tradition.

Designed for projects of all shapes and sizes, the boilers are safe and easy to install and are backed with unrivalled extended warranties, letting customers know they’re in safe hands.

Hargassner offers in-house design expertise for boiler applications up to 330kw providing heat and hot water for almost any application; from offices, schools, and hospitals to industrial processes.  Our team of skilled commissioning engineers have installed and successfully assisted Renewable Energy Contractors to install hundreds of biomass boilers

Customer satisfaction combined with environmental friendliness are primary goals of our philosophy

Speed controlled EC exhaust fan with negative pressure monitoring, Hargassner use at the ECO-PK the energy efficient EC-exhaust fans. The main advantage of this GreenTech EC-technology is the significantly higher efficiency rate of up to...

Hargassner stands for pioneering spirit and vast experience. Excellent design and high quality construction provide the foundation for a practical and peak performance boiler, resulting in high customer satisfaction and a long boiler lifetime. In...

Boasting an unrivalled 95% efficiency is one of the world’s leading wood chip biomass boilers. With a full refractory lined combustion chamber and flame concentration jets for optimum post combustion. The refractory combustion chamber ensures...

Leading Austrian manufacturer renowned for low emission and efficient long life domestic and commercial boilers from 6kW to 330kWKW