Chip Chip

Sustainable, Traceable High-Quality Dried Wood-Fuel
Biomass Wood Chip Supply

Chip Chip Ltd provides virgin, consistent, dry and contaminant-free high-quality wood fuel for biomass heaters in the United Kingdom

We chip our own wood so it is consistent in size – and we never leave this part of the process to other companies to do so as our experience has shown us that particulate size cannot be guaranteed by a 3rd party chipper. The wood is chipped when it is wet to BS EN 14961. We then dry this fuel to the moisture content that your boiler requires which conforms to the stringent rules set out by the Biomass Suppliers List and The Green Dragon Environmental Management Standard – Level 4.

Wood fuel prices have been incredibly stable compared to other fuels. Wood fuel is a competitive source of heat compared to most fossil fuels such as oil and LPG and even natural gas when looking in the long to medium term. It has the potential to offer end-users affordable energy that to some extent can be insulated from increases in fossil fuel prices. It also has perhaps the lowest cost of all renewable energy technologies.

Chip Chip high-quality dry fuel enables boilers to run consistently at high performance, with maximum efficiency and with low maintenance costs